Enterprise grade colocation buildt with modern technology offers the highest uptime at the lowest possible cost. 100% uptime guaranteed.


One of Norways largest and most cost-effective data centers

  • 6000m² white-space available
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • 24/7 on-site security
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Only 15 minutes from Oslo Central Station
Facts & Figures
6000m² white-space available
12000m² total floorspace
PCI DSS, ISO 14001 and 27001
Tier III certification on the way
100% uptime SLA on power and cooling
Diverse underground fiber entry points
Dual-site operations available
Dedicated private rooms or caged areas on request
24/7 on-site security personell
CCTV surveillance inside and outside
All restricted areas require personal keycard
Mantrap for entering and exiting restricted areas
Multi-layered physical security barriers
Individual locks on racks and cages
Electronic lock option available for racks and cages
State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression
Power supply
Full 2N redundancy
Double generator and UPS
100% uptime SLA on power
Separate A and B power delivered to rack
Monthly testing of backup generators
Highly efficient indirect air-to-air cooling
Full redundancy
100% uptime SLA for cooling
PUE of 1.1 under optimal conditions
Environmentally friendly

Frequently asked questions

Our primary site is located in Basefarms new facility in Nordliveien 21, a short 15 minutes drive from our offices in downtown Oslo. We have a long term partnership with Basefarm where we will be responsible for providing colocation services to all but the largest customers. We currently also offer colocation in multiple popular sites in the Oslo area, among these DigiPlex Ulven, please contact us for futher details.
Yes, we offer colocation of single servers in shared colocation racks, ranging from 1U and up. All servers are provided A+B redundant power. Single server colocation does not allow for 24/7 access without a prearranged agreement with accompanying staff, but separate 24/7 on-call support agreements are available to allow 24/7 access.
We offer dedicated half (20U) and full (48U) height 120cm deep racks. These racks come complete with A+B redundant power ready to use, and power usage models to fit your needs. Quotes for multiple racks upon request.
Yes, we do also offer private rooms and caged areas. This allows for 24/7 access and is fully customized to your requirements and can be delivered as clean whitespace or prepared with racks ready to use. Please contact us to arrange a meeting and a tour.
Power consumption is measured in kWh on a monthly basis. Power consumption is invoiced in arrears based on actual consumption. Unit price for power consumption varies somewhat between data centers, as some data centers are based on spot market prices while others are based on active management of electricity contracts. Common to all is that the unit price comes with a markup to compensate for power use related to cooling systems, emergency powerplants, other infrastructure and administration. Please contact us for more information about models for power use.
Yes, as long as you rent at least a dedicated half or full rack you will get 24/7 access with the use of personal keycards. Single server colocation in shared colocation racks does not allow for 24/7 access without accompanying staff.
Yes, we offer smart hands for assistance when needed. Extended on-call support agreements is also offered for 24/7 emergency assistance as a separate agreement. Please contact us to find the best solution for your business.
Our fully redundant fiberoptic network is designed to provide Internet access based on 100Mbit, 1Gbit, 10Gbit or 40Gbit ports in both sigle and redundant configurations depending on your requirements. Higher capacities can also be quoted. Feel free to contact us for a chat about your options.
Yes, there is no limitation on who you can connect to. We offer local cross-connects on all data centers through meet-me areas to all present 3rd partys. We do also provide long-haul fiberoptic circuits to other locations allowing for longhaul interconnects with anyone you need. We often assist our customers by designing and delivering network solutions between the customers locations or data centers. Contact us for details.

What about cloud and hybrid solutions?

Our Openstack cloud solution fits perfectly with colocation. We offer hybrid cloud with redundant high capacity links between cloud and your equipment, allowing for cloud servers and physical hardware in the same logical networks.
  • Direct connection between cloud and colocation racks
  • Capacity ranging from 1Gbit to 40Gbit redundant
  • The largest open cloud platform in the world
  • Allows easy migration to cloud and best of both worlds
  • No vendor lock-in through Open APIs

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